Fun Facts

 Mount Pelee is named after the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele.

 It has been 76 years since Mount Pelee last erupted, in 1929-1932. The eruption was milder than the 1902 eruption.

 Mount Pelee is located on the island of Martinique, in the West Indies.

 Mount Pelee is a stratovolcano, which means it explosively erupts ash and lava and is shaped like a cone.
 Martinique is controlled by the French, who have an observatory on Mount Pelee.

 Mount Pelee was dormant in 1851 until 1902.

 Mount Pelee is 4,583 feet above sea level.

 The most famous eruption of Mount Pelee was in 1902.

 Mount Pelee is not currently active.

 The Tower of Pelee was a lava dome that rose out of Mount Pelee in October. When it reached its full height, it was as tall as the Pyramid of Giza, twice the size of the Washington Monument. After growing for 11 months, it became unstable and collapsed.

 Saint Pierre is located southwest of Mount Pelee. And in 1900, Saint-Pierre becomes the first rum exporter in the world